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  • Collabora/Office for NextCloud / OwnCloud

    The powerful LibreOffice-based online office suite for NextCloud or OwnCloud, that enables you to access, edit, create, share documents online easy and fast, author new content and work collaboratively. LibreOffice in the Cloud on your Own Terms Customizable integration with your infrastructure Customizable User interface You control all data Hostiso completely for free offer you […]

  • How to enable HTTPS / SSL redirection from HTTP and remove www

    With Hostiso you can easily enable HTTPS redirection from HTTP for your site. We wish also to note that Hostiso offer FREE SSL for every account/domain, just request it from support/client area or during hosting order.

  • How to update domain contact details / WHOIS data

    Here at Hostiso we try to provide easy and fast way of doing meany things, and one of them is easy and quick way to update domain WHOIS (contact data). To update your domain data with use, fallow these steps.

  • Free SSL

    Hostiso from now offer option of FREE SSL from letsencrypt.org for all clients. Secure your sites, domains easy fast and for FREE

  • Hostiso Affiliate

    Start earning with Hostiso Affiliate easy and fast. From now on Hostiso offer Affiliate program to allow clients and anybody else that wish to earn great income easy and fast.

  • How do I run a traceroute?

    Traceroute is a common diagnostic tool for displaying the route (path) and measuring transit delays of packets across a network. The traceroute command is available on most modern operating systems. Hostiso Support will frequently ask for the output of a traceroute if you are experiencing connectivity issues.