SocialEngine error page & error log homepage - SocialEngine error page & error log

With SocialEngine you can quickly find out what is causing SocialEngine error page and resolve problem. EXAMPLE OF ERROR PAGE: social-engine-error As you can see, on every SocialEngine error page there is ERROR CODE part, just copy this code, go to SocialEngine Admin area and go to STATS > LOG BROWSERS and on that page select ERROR LOG in drop-down and on second drop-down select SHOW 10 000 LINES and click VIEW LOG ERROR LOG in SocialEngine Admin area: socialengine-error-log After that you can use browser options like in Chrome (Ctrl + f) to open quick search and just past ERROR CODE from SocialEngine error page, this will then show you area in SE error log that is connected with that error (in most cases there is over 20+ lines of error code) and you can then investigate what could causing problems. Quick Tip: – In most cases in that part of code you can see lines with SocialEngine module that is causing error or problems and by that you can for example disable module.