How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size homepage - How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size

By default with Hostiso upload size is already at very high limit compering to any other providers from 256MB and up, but if you wish to increase this more, you can do this very easy and fast. STEP 1: Login to your cPanel account and open FILE MANGER, and go to /public_html folder and click edit .htaccess file. STEP 2: In .htaccess file add bellow code at any place, top or bottom and change number to value that you wish. php_value upload_max_filesize = 256M php_value post_max_size = 256M NOTE: – If you do not see .htaccess file click on upper right corner of FILE MANGER on SETTINGS and check both box and click SAVE. – Also if even after this you do not see it, you can create new .htaccss file by clicking in FILE MANAGER on FILE (upper left corner) and entering .htaccess as file name and clicking save.