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New style, new hosting offer and more!

We are presenting you completely new site, we have working hardly to develop even easier style to allow clients and visitors finding all necessary details, see offer and more quickly. We also presenting you some completely new area, like:

Hostiso News – all news related to Hostiso
– Knowledge base with meany FAQ, Quick help articles for popular apps like SocialEngine Tutorials, phpFox Tutorials etc.
Sales FAQ, Testimonial page, and much more.

Also with new site style we presenting new offer, new hardware and also lower prices.

We hope you will enjoy in all these changes, they are done for you 🙂

Live Sale support …

From now on we have 24/7 live sales support, we will answer to any of your sales questions, we can help you to choose best web hosting package for you and your needs. Any questions feel free to ask our Sales Chat support now.

Faster and better payment with Stripe

From now on we fully support Stripe, after PayPal one of best and most secure payment getaweys. You can now choose to pay with CREDIT CARD or BITCOIN over STRIPE, both options are avaliable now on invoice pages. In case any problems, questions feel free to contact us.