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SSD Cloud InstancesHigh Performance Compute Instances Activate in seconds. Online 24×7

16 server locations

Cloud compute instances are available in 16 locations worldwide. Deploy servers on 4 continents with just a few clicks!

Infinite OS combinations

Deploy CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD, (and more!) or use our Upload ISO feature.

No long term contracts

With straightforward and affordable pricing, you never have to worry about your monthly bill. Pay only for what you use, and scale up and down on demand.

space 25 GB SSD
cpu 1 CPU
ram 1 GB
bandwidth 1 TBIPv6
price $9.99/mo
space 55 GB SSD
cpu 1 CPU
ram 2 GB
bandwidth 2 TBIPv6
price $19.99/mo
space 80 GB SSD
cpu 2 CPU
ram 4 GB
bandwidth 3 TBIPv6
price $29.99/mo
space 160 GB SSD
cpu 4 CPU
ram 8 GB
bandwidth 4 TBIPv6
price $49.99/mo
space 320 GB SSD
cpu 6 CPU
ram 16 GB
bandwidth 5 TBIPv6
price $99.99/mo
space 640 GB SSD
cpu 8 CPU
ram 32 GB
bandwidth 6 TBIPv6
price $189.99/mo
space 1280 GB SSD
cpu 16 CPU
ram 64 GB
bandwidth 10 TBIPv6
price $379.99/mo
space 1600 GB SSD
cpu 24 CPU
ram 96 GB
bandwidth 15 TBIPv6
price $749.99/mo
High Performance Compute Instances Activate in seconds. Online 24×7Standardized platform worldwide
100% SLA guaranteed

Enterprise grade stability and performance.

100% Intel cores

Latest generation Intel CPUs guarantee consistent performance.

Solid-state drives

Blazing fast read/write speeds on solid-state disk hardware.

Root administrator access

Full “root” access and a dedicated IP address included with all VMs.

Custom ISOs

Deploy any operating system of your choosing.

Public IPv6 network

Develop for the next generation internet protocol.

Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles 100% Toronto, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami 100% London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt & Paris 100% Singapore, Singapore 100% Tokyo,Japan 100% Sydney, Australia 100%

16 Server Locations Worldwide!

Launch a SSD VPS on our worldwide KVM-based platform and experience the same great performance globally, in Tokyo or in London! Create account Learn more